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Save the Chimney Job

An Architectual remake of a Lake Cabin

This was a wonderful experience. We were chosen over the 145 other licensed contractors in our county to be careful with this item. The home holds something special that is more priceless than diamonds, memories. The main item that those memories were centered around was this fireplace. It holds decades worth of memories from swimming in the river and drying off in front of it, as well as having family gatherings in the main room, summer vacations and cool fall evenings. We were tasked to remove the whole house without harming a single brick on it, and rebuild a new house around  it. This home has more detail than you can imagine. This was architectually designed and professionally decorated. From over 7k sf of hand stacked stone to hand bleached poplar shiplap, this home is amazing. It boasts a stance right under 3 foot off the seawall.  A cantilevered sidewalk makes passing around on the waterside a breeze. 2 Wood burning fireplaces and 1 vertical wood stove will bring plenty of warm memories for decades to come.