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This master bathroom in this mid century modern was beyond lacking. It was hardly modern. It was time to finally change this area to match the rest of the house. The closed in tub unit was dark and dreadful to use. The shower knobs leaked and if it wasn't for the rust on the shower glass track, the glass panels would had fell out more often. Carpet is a bad idea in any bathroom and the fudge-marble countertop matched it pretty close. Ants had eaten around the window so bad the glass had to be removed and the wall rebuilt.

We changed the doors of the vanities, and added minimal pulls. All walls, trim, doors and even vanities were painted white. The tops were replaced with a beautiful quartz along with new sink fixtures. The carpet was replaced with a nice tile. The shower was removed and an oversized tub was installed. The ceiling box above the tub was removed and the new space was open all the way to the vaulted ceiling. Beautiful large subway tiles and penny tiles were added onto the walls and around the soap niche. A modern bath fixture was installed along with a stationary half glass partition. A new frosted glass is now installed in the new exterior wall. Now the bathroom is bright, modern and inviting. To quote the customer, "A gallon of white paint will go a long way."

  1. Managing Director
    A Beautiful shampoo niche completes this modern bath.
  2. Managing Director
    Beautiful 4x12 tiles and penny tiles clean up these walls. The ceiling was vaulted to make the bath more inviting.
  3. Managing Director
    A new fixture make the new area pop!
  4. Managing Director
    Hang around a barber shop long enough, you are sure to get a haircut. This vanity was revived as well during the remodel.
  5. Managing Director
    What a great area to get ready now!
  6. Managing Director
    So open, bright and clean!
  7. Managing Director
    New tile floors, new vanity doors, fresh paint everywhere and new modern pulls.
  8. Managing Director
    The countertop makes us crave Fudge marble icecream
  9. Managing Director
    The Lee press on window film leaves were the highlight of this bathroom
  10. Managing Director
    This was trending in the 70s
  11. Managing Director
    Quick! To the bath cave!
  12. Managing Director
    Carpet in a bathroom is always a bad idea