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What We Do
Stockton Construction LLC, founded in 2010, specialize in the  Ultra Custom Home Building niche within Baldwin County, Alabama. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most responsive, professional and innovative solutions available on the market today. Our staff and contractors are experienced and qualified in a range of small and large scale construction projects.
  1. Ashley Stockton
  2. Mike Stockton
  3. Suzy Young

 Flexibility and up to speed 
We work with Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers on a customer's project. Therefore the job becomes a one of a kind masterpiece.
Also we relay ideas or implement them ourselves that customers have obtained by their fingertips. We collaborate on your Pinterest page, you can tag us on Facebook or Share with us on Instagram.
Minimalistic loft Florence, AL

Our Services

  1. Loft space on a Riverfront property
    Unusual Job-site locations
    During the process we enjoy overcoming the logistics challenge as much as the finished product. Our contractors are used to thinking outside of the box to adapt and overcome.
  2. Sawn stone, used for flooring, fireplaces, and foundations. Custom homes in the Shoals and northern alabama
    Use of unusual or limited materials
    Every customer is different. Therefore why should the materials be the same? We are seasoned with the duty of protecting, carefully using and strategically installing hard to get items.
  3. Custom stairs made from poplar by amish near Florence, AL, metal fabricated by local welder.
    Innovative solutions with common materials
    We can change the situation at hand with obtainable materials, but use them in a creative way to personalize the space.

We are a staff of creative and experienced contractors.
Stockton Construction was founded in 2010 by CEO/Owner Mike Stockton. The family name stays in the business as a tribute to its history. Mike's grandfather William Clayton and Great Uncle Harold started Stockton Brothers Construction in Lawrenceburg, Ky in the 1950's. Performing Residential and Commercial construction they taught Walter Stockton, Mike's father, trade skills and  the  process of construction management.  This information was passed down to Mike.  Walter still comes on current jobsites occasionally to check on progress.​
Stockton Construction was created as a "breath of fresh air" to the current custom niche. Many homeowners have worked hard for years and applied themselves wholeheartedly to obtain the resources for a home on a location planned in their imagination. However, when contractors are shown the plans or the jobsite the response is less ethusiastic than hoped for. They ask questions as "Why?", "Where do you work?" , "How?", "Where are we going to find that?" and "Why dont you put it over there, it will be easier."

The premise of the company is stepping outside of the box daily.

We are here as construction management; to ensure what the client wants has been correctly performed. We work as schedulers for the client. We build a calendar and schedule the subcontractors. We find the items the client describes and we weigh them against the budget. 

  • Stockton Construction staff are responsible, honest and creative
  • Billing and Bookkeeping is handled by a degree accountant on staff
  • U.S. Navy veteran owned business
  • Member of Shoals Home Builders Association
  • SHBA Board of Directors Chair Holder 2014 and 2017
  • Vice President 2018
  • Fully insured with Workers Compensation, General Liability and can refer agents for Builders Risk prior to construction.

Trusses going up on waterfront/lakefront property in the shoals. Custom Homebuilding is performed safely.
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